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L09 Series Optical Bonding Capacitive Touch Panel
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L09 Series Optical Bonding Capacitive Touch Panel

Spec Sheet

L09 Series is a high-end capacitive touch panel specially designed for modern business professionals. Thanks to HKT Group's self-developed silver nanowire capacitive touch technology, L09 series delivers more true-to-life visuals, more natural writing experience, and more efficient collaborative interaction.


Pure Flat and Ultra-thin, Less Is More!

  • Frameless and ultra-narrow black area
  • 1 button + 2 ports only
  • 2*20W speakers

Type-C In & Out Ports

L09 Series comes with full-functional Type-C in port and unique Type-C out port that supports bidirectional simultaneous display and touch control as well as 100W charging.


Plugin Face-Focusing Webcam (Optional)

  • 13MP/ 48MP resolution
  • 90° /110° field of view
  • Voice tracking

Reliable in Any Mounting Conditions

L09 is adaptable to convertible mobile stand to fit in with various installation conditions and space. Whether it is vertical, horizontal or tilted, it always provides reliable touch and display performance.



  • Type-C in: charging/ audio/ video/ USB
  • Type-C out: charging/ two-day simultaneous display and touch control

L09 Series adopts a back panel that delivers wide color gamut and low blue light. More realistic visuals, but without increasing the risk of eye damage.


Vivid and Eye-Friendly

Improved Touch & Writing Experience


Thanks to the silver nanowire capacitive touch technology, L09 Series offers much better and more efficient touch and writing experience.

  • 40-point touch and writing
  • Two-color writing
  • Mistouch prevention
  • 2/3/4-split screen
  • Simultaneous writing and erasing
  • Erasing with hand gesture
  • Erasing content of specific color

For scenarios such as video conferencing and online classes, we offer a non-wired webcam module with optional configurations and functions. No need for wiring, just plug and play!

  • 8-mic array
  • 10m pick-up distance
  • Sound source localization
  • Vocal enhancement
  • Echo elimination
  • Environmental noise suppression

Users can save whiteboard files as various file formats either locally or directly upload to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, or share through QR code or email.

Quick Save and Share

Android13 Upgradable

L09 Series comes with Android 13 upgradable solution.

  • 8-core CPU
  • 8G+64G/ 8G+128G

EDLA Available

With EDLA certification by Google, users can fully utilize all of Google's apps, enjoying a safe experience with Google's software and services.


Smooth Internet Connection Powered by Octa-core CPU

The powerful octa-core processor on L09 brings users an unprecedented smooth online experience, with no more lag or delay when browsing high-definition videos or participating in online video conferences.

Convenient Multi-user Login


With the multi-user login feature, users can switch between accounts without the need to log out and log back in.


Secure and Efficient MDM Solution

We provide powerful mobile device management (MDM) to help enterprises centrally control their touch panels and effectively secure data.


OTA Update

L09 Series supports over-the-air (OTA) update. When notified about an available update, users can accept to download the update on their device at their convenience.


L09 Series features a minimalist design, with thickness of only 16mm, just slightly thicker than a mobile phone!

  •  Optional subwoofer
  • Optional NFC
  • 13MP/ 48MP resolution
  • 90 degree/ 110 degree view angle
  • Voice tracking
  • 8-mic array
  • 10m pick-up distance
  • Sound source localization
  • Vocal enhancement
  • Echo elimination
  • Environmental noise suppression
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