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L03 Series Infrared Touch Panel
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L03 Series Infrared Touch Panel

Spec Sheet

L03 Series infrared all-in-one touch panel embraces collaborative learning experience with 4K UHD display, anti-glare glass, inbuilt stereo speakers, multi-point touch and simultaneous multi-screen display.


Upgraded Design

L03 Series touch panel features even more fashionable overall appearance.

  • Thinner bezels
  • Lighter in weight
  • 18 hotkeys on both sides for easy access


Various Ports at Front & Rear Side

Full functional Type-C, DP, HDMI in/ out, USB 3.0*3 and more… Just to maximize your connectivity with multiple devices!


Multi-point Touch & Ultra-fine Writing

  • 4K UHD display
  • 4mm tempered glass
  • 178° viewing angle


The ultra-thin stylus brings you incredibly smooth and natural writing experience just like using a traditional pen.

However, it outperforms the old-school writing by identifying two touch objects with different touch sizes and configuring different colors for each of them.

You can even change the color of either one without affecting the other!

  • 46-point touch
  • 20-point writing
  • Two color writing simultaneously

Have to pause your presentation due to unexpected issues but don't want the audience to see what you are doing on your connected devices?

Not a problem! Use the remote control to freeze the screen while keeping the audio playing, so that no one gets distracted and your progress will not be affected!

  • Powered by Android 11
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS and Chrome OS.

Flexible Camera & Microphone Module

L03 Series AIO touch panel comes with a replaceable camera module with two specifications.

Choose the one that fits your needs best!

  • Premium: 8MP 4K camera + 6-mic array
  • Economical: 2MP full HD camera + 2 microphones

L03 Series employs 4K ultra HD resolution and anti-glare tempered glass to deliver astonishing lifelike visuals for every audience in the room.

Luxurious Visuals


Freeze Screen


Customizable Mounting Solutions

You can either mount the panel using the wall mount bracket or on the mobile stand to accommodate your need.

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