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E Series IWB

Spec Sheet

SURWISE E Series infrared interactive whiteboard allows multiple users to share or write contents on the board simultaneously. Users can erase the contents or pictures with a fist directly.


Ultra-Narrow Frame

The ultra-narrow aluminum alloy frame beautifies the appearance of the whiteboard.



Hot Keys

The 18 hot keys on both the left and right sides of the board promote ease access to the most frequently used tools.


Multi-point Touch/ Writing/ Erasing

The whiteboard allows maximum 10 points of writing at the same time.

Users can write with a pen or a finger and erase with a fist.

  • Minimum touch object: 5mm
  • Touch accuracy: 1mm

OS Compatibility

The whiteboard is compatible with most of the major operating systems on the market, including Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac OS.

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Donview E Series Interactive Whiteboard introduces a multi-touch board which supports a maximum 10 points touch/users. It allows multi-users to share or write on the board simultaneously, without the need to be confined to a certain area. Users can erase the contents or pictures by fist directly.
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