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As you see , meet Hefei!

As you see , meet Hefei!

"As You See" - 2017 Oriental Central Plains new products and solutions recommended Hefei station on June 8 at Hefei Crowne Plaza Hotel came to an end.
The meeting attracted many important customers, media and experts from Anhui and its neighboring provinces and cities. At the meeting, Zhu Zhunzhun, general manager of Eastern Zhongyuan Engineering Division, Xie Mofeng, general manager of education department, Jiang Yu, general manager of business department, and explained the development process, new product and innovative solution of the Eastern Central Plains. Wonderful speeches make live at the scene!
As a leader in the field of multimedia display applications and interactive teaching, 2017 Oriental Central Plains new products and solutions recommended Hefei station show to everyone in addition to Sonnoc LOGO show, VIS real estate solutions and other large-scale classic engineering exhibition, the scene also interact Type whiteboard, whiteboard one machine, kindergarten and other modern teaching products, are the guests concerned about the point of interest.   
Sonnoc Project Projector
Conference scene Sonoro Sonnoc LOGO show - LOGO projection show dynamic, particularly inhaled attention. Simple logo modeling, with three SNP-FU71C projectors, through the multi-channel projection fusion system, hook the projection object - here is the outline of the Sonnoc logo, and according to its contours to create a dedicated dynamic film, the final Through the multi-channel edge fusion system, the projection perfect fit to the surface of the Sonnoc LOGO, as if the Sonnoc LOGO itself glow, can bring the ultimate picture of the audience to enjoy the more shocking visual impact, creating a breakthrough traditional way The novel experience.
Oriental Central Primary School whiteboard one machine
In addition to focusing on secondary schools, higher education, the Eastern Central Plains will be new research and development direction to the early childhood education. In this program, the Eastern Central Plains demonstrated its first to achieve the maintenance of early childhood whiteboard products. It uses infrared touch technology, no special pen operation; nano steel plate material to ensure smooth writing and anti-light performance, while waterproof and dustproof, and support gesture erase, with gesture recognition, free drive, free calibration, positioning accuracy, Sensitive and many other features, very satisfied with the needs of preschool users.
Parker 420C series of ultra-short focus projector
PROPIX (Parker) 420 series projector is the Oriental light peak specifically for the education market launch of the laser light source short-focus projector, using ALPD laser display technology, combined with ultra-short focus lens (39 cm can project 80-inch large screen), with Full color, clear quality, lasting brightness, large screen (PROPIX 420 series projector breakthrough short-focus projector projection screen size limit, the 4200 lumens high brightness to play the extreme, presented to the user 150-inch large screen.) And 0 maintenance, 0 Radiation, 0 pollution and other characteristics of the educational projector, breaking the traditional multimedia teaching image performance and visual experience.
In addition to high-resolution, high brightness, high contrast display features, PROPIX (Parker) 420 series projector more than 20,000 hours of life, can be very good to meet the needs of daily teaching for a long time.
"As You See" - 2017 Oriental Central Plains new products and solutions recommended Hefei station has been a complete success! In the multimedia display applications and interactive teaching, the Eastern Central Plains 20 years as one day, as always through Industry-leading technology, continue to bring users more useful, practical use of products and more perfect solution and service experience, while mutual benefit mentality, and partners work together win-win! In the future, the Eastern Central Plains will be more Advanced technology and more perfect solution, intimate after-sales service, continue to lead the market trend, so that more industry customers enjoy the multimedia display applications and interactive teaching leader in the field of charm.