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HCTek Showcases Cutting-Edge Interactive Display Solutions at InfoComm 2023

HCTek Showcases Cutting-Edge Interactive Display Solutions at InfoComm 2023

Orlando, USA - From June 14th to 16th, HCTek, a leading technology company, participated in the prestigious InfoComm 2023 exhibition held in Orlando, USA.


L09 Series

One of the key highlights of HCTek's exhibition was the L09 Series. This series features a state-of-the-art nanosilver capacitive touch screen, which offers an Android 13 upgradable operating system. Equipped with an octa-core CPU and EDLA certification, L09 Series allows users to enjoy seamless internet browsing, video streaming, and video conferencing.


L06 Series

L09 Series also supports multi-user login and features like dual-color writing, four-split screen, simultaneous writing and erasing, quick cloud storage, fast sharing through QR codes or email, MDM and OTA update. It also comes with a Type-C out interface, supports tilted installation, and optional plug-and-play webcam and NFC.


L03 Series

L06 Series IR touch screen offers the flexibility of choosing between built-in Android 11/ 13 and non-system version with the option of an EDLA-certified Android 13 OPS.


HCTek's participation in InfoComm 2023 showcased the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to its customers. We are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of various industries.


For the education market, HCTek presents L03 Series, another IR touch screen solution. This series provides an ideal solution for educational institutions, offering a choice between Android 11 and Android 12.

Another innovative product is R05 Series, an intelligent combination of capacitive touch screen and interactive whiteboard. This series combines the features of the L04 Series Pcap touch screen and traditional electronic whiteboard, offering various options of sizes and installation.

R05 Series

HCTek showcased a range of innovative products and highlighted their exceptional features to the attendees.