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HCTek At ISE 2023

HCTek At ISE 2023

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world's leading AV and systems integration exhibition, was held in Barcelona, Spain from January 31 to February 3, 2023,, attracting more than 900 exhibitors and thousands of attendees from all over the world.


R05 Series capacitive intelligent board is another new product that cleverly blends traditional marker-writing whiteboard and the latest SNW capacitive LCD touch panel not only through physical stitching, but also through software to make them interconnected.

L09 Series is a high-end capacitive touch panel specially designed for modern business professionals. Thanks to HKT Group's self-developed SNW technology and groundbreaking optical bonding technology, L09 series delivers more true-to-life visuals, more natural writing experience, and more efficient collaborative interaction.


Time is short and we have so much more to show. We will continue to create more opportunities to bring our quality products and services to all of our valued guests and customers. See you soon!



At ISE 2023 we also exhibited our IR touch panels, the upgraded L06 Series and L03 Series. These two models are designed to meet user demands in all kinds of industries with maximized flexibility, from Android versions  to stylus and webcam specifications, from sizes to installation methods.

HCTek sent its elite team to participate in ISE 2023, demonstrated our latest capacitive and infrared touch display products, and showed thousands of guests our unique whole-industry-chain advantage of nano silverwire and unparalleled capability of OEM, ODM and OTM.