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Statement of New Venture

Statement of New Venture

With the rapid growth of its market share in China and around the world, Donview has successfully attracted more and more investments over the past few years. Based on that, the Board has decided to set up a new venture that specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of interactive products, including infrared/ capacitive IFP and IWB for business and education.


The relevant information of this change is explained as follows:

  1. Shenzhen Donview Electronic Technology Co., Ltd remains running, a new company name of Shenzhen HCTek Co., Ltd has been set up, in a long-term strategy for greater range of interactive products provider/manufacturer.
  2. Guangzhou RD center remains the same focusing on software & hardware development;
  3. Shenzhen factory remains the same of 25,000sqm, focusing on hardware RD & flexible customizations;
  4. “Donview” logo keep running in the market, a new brand of “HCTouch” will be released in difference series of products.
  5. Expanding a new Suqian factory occupying 35,000sqm, upgrading with full automations of production for IR IFPs & Pcap IFPs for OEM, ODM & OTM;
  6. Expanding a new Shandong factory occupying 60,000 sqm, upgrading with automations of production for Pcap TP and IR IFPs for OEM, ODM & OTM.
  1. Beijing Donview/Sonnoc keeps concentrating on Educational, Commercial & Engineering Projectors. All projectors overseas business needs to run under name of Sonnoc (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.