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May 7, the 72th China Education and Apparel Exhibition in Fuzhou

May 7, the 72th China Education and Apparel Exhibition in Fuzhou

May 7, the 72th China Education and Apparel Exhibition in Fuzhou, Fujian officially kicked off, in this exhibition, the Eastern Central Plains to continue to uphold the concept of innovative educational ecology, for the audience to show its future classroom Understand. Exhibition site, through its products and programs show, the Eastern Central Plains for the audience to build a wisdom of the classroom ecosystem.
In this exhibition, the face of the growing demand for touch industry, one of the demand, Oriental Central Plains show a number of models, multi-size, feature-rich touch one machine products. Among them, the Eastern Central Plains independent research and development of 153-inch dual-channel ultra-wide screen teaching machine is the most eye-catching.
Fuzhou Pu exhibition site
Oriental Central China independent research and development of the 153-inch dual-channel ultra-wide screen teaching machine is set whiteboard, the control, computer, amplifier audio, video booth and other equipment in one of the multimedia intelligent teaching products.
Eastern China Central this new teaching machine in addition to no exposed cable, the use of dual system design, compatible with Andrews and Windows two systems, stable performance, simple installation process, powerful and practical! The one machine to solve the traditional multi-device Mixed machine, debugging difficult, poor stability, wiring and other issues, greatly enhance the efficiency of multimedia classroom construction and cleanliness, reducing the impact of multimedia equipment maintenance on teaching.
Using the identification card to enable the device, credit card unlock design, the use of more secure, more intelligent management. In addition to the Donview (Eastern Central Plains) 153-inch dual-channel ultra-wide widescreen teaching one machine future classroom solutions the biggest bright spot is to make the projector doubled, beyond the traditional 4: 3,16: 9,16: 10 technical pattern , Breaking the traditional technical limitations, to 16: 6 users the best way to show the appearance, to ensure that the education industry users on the large size of the application needs.
In the preschool education area, the Eastern Central Plains can be achieved before the maintenance of the infrared sensor technology, children's electronic whiteboard products also attracted many people's attention. Dongfang Zhongyuan baby whiteboard with infrared touch technology, no special pen operation; nano steel plate material to ensure smooth writing and anti-light performance, and waterproof and dustproof, and support gesture erase, with gesture recognition, free drive, free correction, positioning High precision, responsive and many other features, users can provide the best application support.
In addition to good hardware, the wisdom of the software is also essential.
Combined with high-tech touch technology, the Eastern Central Plains also developed a collection of computer technology, display technology, network technology, photographic camera technology and other technologies in one of the teaching system, with its dual hardware perfect combination, not only can achieve double- But also can effectively solve the drawbacks of PPT teaching: sequential play, can not be before and after the control, the lack of relevance, students too late to take notes and other experience problems.
In addition to Donview (Eastern Central Plains) interactive teaching products, its own brand Sonnoc Sonnoc, PROPIX (Parker) two projector brand is also a major attraction of this exhibition.
Laser education projector is the industry's pursuit of the past two years. Sonnoc Sonnoc laser projection products, compared with the traditional light bulb, laser light source high brightness, long life, stable and reliable, these outstanding advantages, and constantly let the Sonoco Sonnoc projection for educational users favored.
As the leading brand in the field of educational projection, the Eastern Central Plains has been constantly developing a variety of products and solutions to meet the various fields of education applications and needs for the school teachers and students to bring a vivid, different kind of teaching experience, so as to its Market development to lay a good foundation.
In addition, in addition to its own brand products, the Eastern Central Plains is also the scene specifically opened up the Hitachi projector display area, also attracted the attention of everyone.
At this stage, with the continuous expansion of the scale of education applications market, industry demand for more and more diversified, rich product line construction has become an essential part of the industry market competition. Eastern Central Plains on the one hand to actively build their own brand, but also focus on foreign high-tech into the Chinese market, and the use of advanced information technology to reshape education, innovation and education ecology, leading the integration of Chinese education information and development.